6 Ways to Simplify Cat Care

6 Ways to Simplify Cat Care

Be the best cat parent possible with these tips.

You want to be the best cat parent possible. That means making sure your cat is secure, healthy and fed. But sometimes, your daily cat responsibilities can get a little tedious, cutting into the time you'd rather spend playing or relaxing with your favorite feline. Did you know that many of your daily "chores" can be streamlined, making them convenient and fun? Here are six simple tips for cat owners.

1. Use a Mobile Vet

Taking your cat to the vet can be a harrowing process. It may be a real chore getting your cat into the carrier, and your cat may be anxious when she's away from home. You can make this easier for both of you by finding a mobile vet who comes to your home. This will make your cat more comfortable and you'll feel happier, too.

2. Hire a Cat Sitter

It's natural to feel a little guilty when you go on vacation. If you board your cat, you may worry about how he'll handle the new surroundings, people and smaller space. Ease your concerns by hiring a cat sitter instead. Cat sitters come to you, so your cat can stay in familiar surroundings. They feed your cat, change the litter and play with him. It's a win-win investment.

3. Get a Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Scooping litter is one of the less glamorous jobs of cat parenting. Give yourself a break and buy a self-cleaning box. Some only require that you change a litter tray at the bottom every few weeks. Sensors detect use and rake used litter into a waste trap. Others are even more advanced and hook up to a drain hose, flushing away the litter every time your cat uses the box.

4. Attach a Catio to a Cat Door

Does your cat get bored easily? Maybe she's getting into trouble, even damaging belongings, because she just doesn't have enough to do. You can keep her entertained by attaching a catio to a cat door. This is an enclosed space outside where your cat can enjoy fresh air and sunshine without any chance of escaping. She'll be happier and feel more relaxed when she comes back in.

5. Join a Monthly Cat Toy Delivery Service

Do you want to keep your cat surprised with fun, new toys, but don't have time to go to the pet store? Try signing up for a cat box service that delivers cat toys to your doorstep every month. Some even include cat accessories and clothes for you.

6. Set Up Scratching Posts

Sometimes it's tough — not to mention exhausting — to get your cat to stop scratching your furniture. Instead of spending hours chasing her away, buy an irresistible scratching post and set one up wherever she likes to scratch. If kitty has a better alternative that's fine-tuned to her needs, she'll likely use it.

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