Not sure what to get that special feline someone for the holidays this year? Here's a gift that will really get him purring: A gift box full of his favorite Meow Mix® goodies. Plus, once you've unwrapped kitty's holiday gifts, he can hang out in the cozy box all year! Follow these tips to create a gift box your cat will absolutely adore.

materials needed for diy cat gift box

1. Pick the Perfect Edible Gifts

As every cat parent knows, each cat has his or her own preferences. While the gift items below will make a healthy adult cat's day, feel free to swap out other Meow Mix® yummies for cats of different ages or health needs. For nearly all cats though, a dry food, a wet food, and a treat is a winning holiday combo:

2. Use a Simple Box as the Gift Basket

Create the ultimate cat gift using one of your cat's very favorite things: a cardboard box. Cats love a good box to curl up in year-round, so giving him one of his very own this holiday is a great way to delight him. Make sure it's big enough for your cat to sit in—as well as big enough for your Meow Mix gifts.

meow mix gift box diy

3. Put it all together

Who needs fancy packing materials? Put a small, already-loved blanket or shirt in the bottom of the box. Its familiar smell will help your cat know this is a spot for him. Place the Meow Mix goodies on top, nestling the items decoratively amongst the fabric.

All this gift needs is the purrfect bow. But string can be dangerous for your cat, so here's a better way to tie together this kitty gift: a drawn-on bow. Grab your favorite permanent markers and draw a beautiful bow—or whatever holiday decor you and your kitty like best.

That's it! Your cat now has a box full of yummy Meow Mix® treats to enjoy this holiday season, as well as the perfect place to snooze once he's gobbled them up.