Cat Health
woman holding a gray cat Photo UTI or Litter Box Relapse?

Is your kitty is acting strangely around his litter box? Read Dr. Leslie’s veterinarian advise to help sort out if it’s a UTI, litter box relapse, or something else entirely.

tabby cat sitting on top of a cat tree Photo 8 Signs Your Cat is in Tip-Top Health

A simple at-home examination will reveal a feline’s physical and mental state.

gray tabby showing its teeth Photo Expert Q&A: Cleaning Cat’s Teeth

From professional cat teeth cleaning to at-home cleaning, read the answers to some of your biggest questions surrounding your furry friend's grooming routine.

orange cat having its teeth inspected by a vet Photo The Ultimate Guide to Cat Dental Health

3 Cat Dental Health Questions Answered

tabby cat licking its paw Photo How to Maintain Your Cat's Skin and Coat

Dr. Leslie explains how proper diet and nutrition can help promote healthy skin for your cat.

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