Make Your Home a Cat-Friendly Paradise in 5 Steps

Make Your Home a Cat-Friendly Paradise in 5 Steps

Learn how to enrich your cat’s home environment by making small additions to your home.

Cats love to jump, hunt and play, but if they don't have any outlets for these behaviors indoors, they can end up becoming couch potatoes or, worse yet, destroying your couch. To prevent boredom and keep your furry friend happy, enrich his environment with some fun toys and spaces to climb. With these five simple additions to your home, you can design a cat paradise for your kitty in no time at all.

1. "Plant" a Tree Indoors

Cat trees and cat condos both offer your cat great vertical spaces to climb, along with nooks and crannies to hide within, just as their ancestors had in the wild. Choose one that matches your decor, like the stylish choices offered by The Refined Feline. And, if you can, place the cat tree in front of a window so your kitty can engage in his other favorite hobby (monitoring the neighborhood) while he hangs out in his new space.

2. Expand Upwards

Make use of your home's vertical space by installing shelves your kitty can use to jump and climb from one area of your home to the next without ever touching the ground. Be sure the shelves will support his full weight, and install them in an ascending formation he can use to easily climb up and down.

3. Add a Catio

Cats are safe and healthy indoors, but a little fresh air is good for your feline friend if he can have it in a secure, screened-in space. Build a cat patio — also known as a "catio" — for your kitty to spend some time in and observe wildlife. You can purchase materials to make these types of enclosures from companies like Home of Habitat Haven, which offers complete catio kits and directions for assembling them.

4. Play with Toys

Toys aren't just for kids — they also enrich your cat's environment and give him much-needed exercise. Interactive toys on a wand allow you to control the action and hang out with your feline friend. And for the times when you aren't around, stuff a few treats like Meow Mix Irresistibles® into a puzzle toy so your kitty can find them as he bats the toy around.

5. Get Scratching

Cats have a natural need to scratch so they can groom their nails and mark their territory with the scent pads on their feet. Provide your furry friend with an appropriate outlet for this behavior by placing a scratching post or two near your furniture so your cat will be tempted to scratch the posts instead of your favorite futon. For maximum cat enjoyment, purchase scratching posts tall enough for your cat to stretch upward when he uses them and choose posts covered in rope-like sisal, carpet or natural tree bark.

Follow these tips to create a cat paradise your feline friend will love.

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