Charlie Plum

  • Birthday: August 17, 2020
  • Years Active: 1
  • Genre: Pop
  • Instruments: Voice

Have you heard the one about the funniest cat in showbiz? He’s not on a sitcom, and he’s not writing the next blockbuster. Charlie Plum has a natural child-like wit that wins over fans. He’s constantly ready with a quip—or an elaborate prank. But his true passion is music, and his knack for performance and loveable personality was his ticket in. When his former roommate Casey Calico tipped him off about a spot in Tabby 5, Charlie knew he’d found a new crew. He packed his Meow Mix Poultry Selects Variety Pack up, headed to LA and set his sights on stardom.

The intense pressure of creative five-part vocal harmonies can take a toll on even the most ardent student of the form. Tabby 5 is lucky that Charlie’s always on the spot with a melody that’s as clever as his next prank

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