Endless Hiss visit Louisiana, drop surprise album

The cat’s out of the bag on this new collaboration.

Heavy metal music fans, rejoice -- Endless Hiss and MEOU come together at last! After a packed show at Dangler’s Pub in New Orleans, Endless Hiss met up with local legends MEOU at a nearby recording studio. Under cover of darkness the bands kept the recording engineer up all night before emerging in the morning with their new recording in tow.

Dubbed “I Have Sipped from the Spigot Whence Hope Springs Eternal and Found It Wanting,” the album clocks in at roughly 38 minute and is said to be the ultimate amalgam of agonizing sludge and black metal precision.

In a press release, Lord Purrdition called the collaboration “an album of such unrelenting darkness that light cannot escape it. MEOU has pushed us to creative new heights hitherto unknown in any musical genre, onto a perch upon which none will knock us from.” Wow – we can’t wait to spin this disc!

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