Endless Hiss

  • Birthday: All Unknown
  • Years Active: 2017 - present
  • Genre: Grim and frostbitten black metal
  • Instruments: Primal screams, yelps from beyond the great unknown (plus some guitars, bass and drums)

A destruction of cats intent on spreading musical chaos, specific details about Endless Hiss are sparse – and what we do know is intertwined with myth and hearsay. They’re led by the enigmatic vocalist Lord Purrdition, whose caterwauling and inventive lyrics have made him a legend in the heavy metal underground scene. The band is rounded out by Wampvs, Hollenkatze and Gravvenfluff pounding out precise, lo-fi masterpieces at breakneck speed.

Eschewing the catspaint and studded leather of their contemporaries, Endless Hiss favors an ominously plain aesthetic, appearing on-stage bathed in dim lights behind a wall of fog. Lord Purrdition mixes themes of social awareness laced with esoteric mysticism into his lyrics, which, combined with the pummeling melodies, has inspired a legion of young cats who are looking to change the world.

Rumors that the band actually met at a summer camp near Tyrifjorden, where they bonded over skiing and a shared love of Meow Mix® Original Choice have been roundly dismissed by Lord Purrdition as “half-truths perpetuated by our slanderous enemies and those who would see our vision destroyed. We would never ski.”

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