Emotions run high during awards season, and this year is no different.

Editor’s note: Emotions run high during awards season, and this year is no different. Two camps have emerged, with ReMix artists passionately throwing their support behind their favorite Tasty Layers flavor. #TeamBeats, backed by Gatocito, Endless Hiss and HouseKäat, are all about Beef Au Jus Flavor, while Luna, Heart & Paws and Sweet Teddy Pepperpaw—#TeamVibes—love Roasted Chicken Flavor. To get some perspective on this debate we’ve enlisted the help of our esteemed music critics. Thus, Fur Your Consideration, two passionate opposing viewpoints.

Bobby Bellrub, #TeamBeats – “Harshing my Vibes”

The pulse of ReMix is, unequivocally, driven by Tasty Layers Beef Au Jus Flavor. #TeamBeats understands how an unwavering rhythm serves to unify the disparate sections of any given composition, not unlike Tasty Layer’s harmony of crunchy kibble with savory morsels.

Imagine a world where songs meander aimlessly, drifting hither and yon, as guitars pile upon vocals and synths pile upon horns into a cosmic gumbo of unlistenable pap. This is what #TeamVibes wants, but I stand opposed. No matter how delicious Roasted Chicken Flavor may be, the atmosphere it inspires is secondary—possibly tertiary—to the beefy driving rhythms which create a superior listening experience.

You cannot subdivide a feeling, nor can you dance to an atmosphere at any BPM. If you are nodding your head and pumping your paws, you are #TeamBeats, and your love of savory gravy is confirmed. Welcome to the winning litter.

Rex Wolff, #TeamVibes – “More Like ‘Rhythm & Snooze’”

When we talk about vibes, we’re talking about passion. The snap of a snare, the wrong chord that feels right, a vocal melody that hangs in the air.  The esoteric that brings a smile to your face. #TeamVibes sees this in Tasty Layers Roasted Chicken Flavor—how crunchy and savory co-exist and create an indulgent chicken-flavored new experience.

“Unique” is the key here. Unlike the firm and, frankly, predictable music created by #TeamBeats, this iconoclastic group is looking to tell a story through their ReMix output. When a listener loses themselves in a moment and makes a real connection with an artist making heartfelt art? Well, that’s like a homestyle gravy-coating over the entire listening experience.

Your heart knows what it wants. Support #TeamVibes and find a bit of joy at mealtime and beyond.

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