Gatocito Buys Out Local Boutique

“Everything just looked purrfect,” says songwriter.

In music and in fashion, Gatocito is a cat who knows what works. So it makes sense that, during a recent visit to Fifth Ave in New York City, he stopped into fashionable clothier Cymophane and liked what he saw so much that he bought the whole store. Seriously.

“When you’re on the go – and in the public eye – as much as I am, you always want to look your best,” Gatocito told reporters. “As soon as I walked into Cymophane, I knew that these were the clothes I wanted to wear every day for the next several years. Their timeless designs and on-trend colors really spoke to me. Plus, honestly, they make my tail look really good.”

Calls placed to Cymophane’s owner and chief designer went unanswered as of press time, although rumors persist that he’s currently negotiating the purchase of a refrigerator-sized cardboard box and laughing uncontrollably.

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