What we know about Gatocito’s latest video

Miami’s hottest act sheds his image.

Gatocito is betting that a tiger actually CAN change his stripes! Rumors are swirling that the pride of Little Havana’s musical litter is going for a new sound and a new look for his upcoming release that could surprise his fans.

Sources confirmed that instead of releasing the laid-back jam “¿Bailar? ¡Siesta!,” Gatocito’s next single will actually be “The Catbots,” reflecting his sudden and somewhat inexplicable interest in German techno pop. Rich in robotic rhythms and vocoder-drenched vocals, Gatocito arrived to shoot his video in an austere red dress shirt and black tie, a vintage synthesizer under his arm.

“I met a German Rex at a party last month, and he turned me on to new and exciting sounds,” Gatocito told a throng of curious reporters. “It’s a new challenge, and I hope my fans will follow me as I embark on a new journey I’m calling Kat Kraut.”

Only time will tell if this creative gamble pays off!

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