Gatocito ft. Pata Suave – “Meow Mix (Remix)”

An honest (and danceable) celebration of people and culture.

Gatocito has always proudly worn his Miami heritage on his rolled-up sleeve, crafting songs that celebrate the people and places he loves. The streets where he played soccer as a youth, his teenage shenanigans at Biscayne Bay, his favorite after-hours clubs – everything is fodder for his inventive lyrics, and every lyric drips with truth. “Meow Mix” is certainly no different, an ode to a different, perhaps simpler, time in Gatocito’s life. It’s relatable in ways other artists can never be.

Thus, there was a sense of trepidation when Gatocito announced that none other than Pata Suave would be releasing a remix of the song. A talented DJ in his own right, Pata Suave could be considered the anti-Gatocito. Prone to showy histrionics and attention-grabbing stunts, it seemed like an odd pairing. How would the duo work together? Would Gatocito’s good-time vibes get lost under Pata Suave’s heavy-handed paw? The answer is a resounding “no.”

The resulting collaboration, simply titled “Meow Mix (Remix),” doesn’t lose an ounce of Gatocito’s sincerity or Pata Suave’s energetic ferocity. Instead, the complex rhythms and sublime synth pads push the emotional lyrics even further, giving them a new depth that seems to speak directly to the listener.

Destined for #1 on the charts, here’s hoping that Gatocito and Pata Suave continue grooming their friendship for future collaborations.

REVIEW FROM BOBBY BELLYRUB: It seems like a farcical stratagem: take a hard-working, brutally honest, agreeable artist like Gatocito and partner him with an ostentatious show-off like Pata Suave and hope for the worst. But surprisingly, the disparate duo reach into the abyssal maw of collaboration and pull out a genuinely enjoyable number, the sum far greater than the individual parts. A+

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