Heart & Paws hang with mysterious guest at Meow ReMix Awards

Is the duo making new friends—and making new music?

Let the rumors begin! Something is definitely going on in the Heart & Paws camp, as sources report seeing the pair scampering around backstage before the Meow ReMix Awards with another cat. The trio playfully stayed one step ahead of the papurrazzi, ducking into a dressing room before a photographer could pounce.

As a team of bodyguards escorted journalists from the area, they reported hearing a muffled song coming from that dressing room—first Paws’ guitar, then Heart’s voice, then a third, mysterious instrument. A kazoo? A glockenspiel? The people want to know!

Members of country duo’s entourage weren’t willing to name names. “I can’t say, but you’ve definitely heard his music,” said one bodyguard, before nervously adding “…or her music. Who said it was a him? In fact, who said it was anyone at all?” The hair is certainly raised on the back of our necks! With any luck, we’ll find out the truth during the ceremony, where Heart & Paws are scheduled to appear.

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