Heart & Paws, “Meow”

A stadium-filling anthem from country’s favorite couple.

Just when you think everything that could be said about Heart & Paws has been written, they drop their latest masterpiece and, with all due respect to Fur Fangly and The Collars, redefine the country genre. “Meow” deserves every accolade it’s received so far, and then some.

Combining slick Music Row production with raw emotion straight out of Bakersfield, Heart & Paws’ chemistry is obvious from the first notes you hear. Their harmonies are always soulful, but in “Meow”, they take on an additional significance. Memories infuse “Meow” with character, but are matched in intensity by the cool harmonic counter-melodies that have long been Heart’s stock-in-trade.

Keeping with the theme of reinvention, Heart lays down some tasty harmonica during the intro of “Meow,” something she hasn’t done since 2012’s “Just A Humble Country Cat.” It’s a welcome addition to Paws’ clean guitar work and keeps the single infinitely hummable.

After years of hard living, it’s been said that Heart & Paws have already spent eight of their lives. If “Meow” is any indication, number nine is shaping up to be their best life yet.

REVIEW FROM BOBBY BELLYRUB: Long castigated as music for flannel-wearing Appalachian porch cats, Heart & Paws continuously elevate country music into a sublime artform to be enjoyed alongside the finest poetry and paintings this land has ever seen. “Meow” is no different, and may, in fact, be the song that defines their storied career. A+

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