• Birthday: April 7, 2018 
  • Years Active: 2019 - present
  • Genre: EDM
  • Instruments: Samplers and turntables and drum machines, oh my!

Sometimes a small town inspires big things. Born in the German-speaking town of Eupen, Belgium, young Dirk Pelzart seemed destined to join his father in the family business – mousing at the nearby peat bogs. But Dirk had a gift. And he dreamed of bigger, louder things.

Dirk heard music in places other cats did not—the rustle of trees, the whistle of the lake, the shifting rhythms of the litterbox. He started sampling these sounds, pairing them with driving beats and molding them into unique danceable grooves that would soon be known as “the Eupen Sound”. Dubbing himself HouseKäat, he opted to share his eclectic, electric songs and mixes with like-minded musicians on the internet. The world took notice, and those anthemic tracks racked up social media shares at an unprecedented rate. Gatocito has already dubbed him “the most compelling force in music today.

Moving from livestreams to dance nights to renegades among the trees of the High Fens, HouseKäat arrives in the United States with nothing but his trusty sampler and his favorite food— Meow Mix® Tasty Layers™ Chicken and Tuna Cat Food Recipe Stuffed With Real Chicken —by his side. All he wants to do is keep tails moving and paws pumping all night long with his upbeat jams. “EDM, it’s a noble pursuit,” he said before sampling an interesting-sounding water dish. “Making people happy is a tremendous feeling. And it certainly beats the bog.”

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