HouseKäat – Electron-Fueled Purring Machine

An energetic young DJ infuses EDM with paw-pumping energy

There are critics who say that electronic dance music—in any of its myriad styles—is not a form best experienced via recorded medium. Can headphones really replace the feeling of a PA system thumping a listener in the chest at 67 Hz as thousands of felines jump in time to a 128bpm groove at a warehouse on the outskirts of town at 3 a.m.? Conventional wisdom says “no.” But HouseKäat is a rare breed. And his first official release, “Electron-Fueled Purring Machine,” aims to be the late-night club banger you also revisit in private, filled with nuance and emotion.

Created entirely from his bedroom in Eupen, Belgium, HouseKäat mixes analog and digital synths with driving percussion and samples he makes himself, infusing a touch of musique concrete into a genre often obsessed with quantification. Released on Max Naps! Records (home to Pata Suave, Field Effect Tiger, MIDI/MAXIMAL and other electronic pioneers), HouseKäat brings big energy with a distinct joy-filled vibe that’s infectious to listeners.

From the gabber-esque “Mail Cats of Liege, Belgium” to the retro-futurism of “Eupen Endless,” HouseKäat’s confidence is unmistakable and his joy palpable. By the time the dubstep-infused “Meow Mix Euro Remix” drops, listeners are overcome by the charm and relentless energy of this upstart DJ. Catch a livestream and listen for yourself—no matter your favorite genre, HouseKäatis bound to be your new favorite artist.

Review from Bobby Bellyrub

Years of listening to artists churning out digital pabulum with lifeless synths, staid beats and pallid samples has worn down even the most enthusiastic music critics. This explains why the rapid ascent of HouseKäat —an adorable feline with spon-con ready social media vibes—has been met with skepticism, if not outright cynicism. Thankfully, HouseKäat not only avoids these soulless tropes but also infuses his songs with a relentless enthusiasm that borders on the fanatical. To listen is to be instantly converted as tails sway and worries melt away. 

Scientists have said that, biologically, a cat cannot both purr and roar. The capability of one negates the ability of the other. How odd, then, that HouseKäat has no compunction in doing both at the same time via his kinetic, jubilant electronic music? A+

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