Fashion – Kitten Heels

The fun fashion trend that goes from catwalk to cattin’ around.

When is a shoe more than just a shoe? When it has a kitten heel! Sitting between the taller stiletto heel and the traditional flat, this practical-yet-trendy look has won fans for its style and usability, turning a simple ensemble into a catwalk-worthy couture look.

Pop luminary Luna is certainly a fan. “They’re functional, they make me look good, and honestly they make me just a little bit taller than my backing band, which is important,” she said. “My old jean jacket and a trusty pair of kitten heels can take me from the stage right to my favorite hot spot.”

Country legend Heart (of Heart & Paws fame) is a fan, too. “I’ve been wearing kitten heels for years. My favorite boots have ‘em, and we’ve been through some pretty tough times together. But when I’m wearing my kitten heels I know I’ll always land on my feet.”

“They’re here to stay,” stylist Michael Purr-Whiskerface told us. “Don’t nap on these bad boys. Do you really want to walk around in stilettos and just fall everywhere? No. No, you absolutely do not, by any means, at any time, as long as the sun shines, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen, even if you have the best reflexes in the world. Which you don’t. I can without a morsel of a doubt assure you of that.”

Me-ow. That’s a ringing endorsement if we’ve ever heard one!

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