• Birthday: March 30, 2015
  • Years Active: 2018 - present
  • Genre: Pop
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Raised by a single mother working two jobs to feed her litter, Luna knew that music superstardom was her way to a better life. Emulating her singing idols such as Clawdia Furr and Kitty Keith, Luna went from the bedroom to the local open mic stage, where her 14 brothers and sisters loudly supported every show. Since then she’s been an unstoppable force, perfecting her craft as she continues to redefine multiple pop disciplines.

Such dedication has rubbed some people the wrong way, but, Luna’s Legion (as her fans prefer to be called) support her endeavors with an unrelenting fervor. Her reputation as a demanding diva is matched only by her prodigious and genre-bending musical output. That singular focus is best observed in her rider, which has only three stipulations: the absolute best musicians in town, the finest PA system so her fans can hear, and her favorite Meow Mix® Tender Center Basted Bites Chicken & Tuna Flavors ready in her dressing room after the show. Is lusting after quality really such a bad thing?

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