Luna, Claws Out

A new pop star emerges with a lion’s roar.

There’s a moment midway through Luna’s breakthrough album Claws Out where the young chanteuse sings a single lyric – “meow” – in the introspective-yet-danceable “Dinnertime” that’s pure emotional catharsis. Anyone listening would have to be napping to not see that this rising star has set herself apart from the rest of the litter.

In fact, Claws Out may be the most important musical statement of the last 20 years, uniting pop traditionalists with a new wave of music fans raised on 20-second mash-up videos.

At just 4 years old, Luna has a range that rivals the most passionate divas of yesteryear in raw emotion while remaining genuinely inspirational. Whereas her young contemporaries are more famous for their antics, Luna has put in the hours to learn craft and find her voice. It’s impossible to listen to the “Dinnertime,” “Purr-ple, Silver and Gold” or “(Mama’s) Ball of Yarn” and not get your tail moving, while simultaneously empathizing with this emotional young artist.

That may be Luna’s greatest gift, and the reason why she’s seen as something of a diva. Marrying truth to groove, and getting people to believe, is difficult. But when you pull it off, you know there’s absolutely nothing standing in your way.

REVIEW FROM BOBBY BELLYRUB: Profundity and honesty are all the rage nowadays. Luckily, Luna confronts her past in a decidedly un-maudlin, and most importantly, musically innovative manner that appeals to listeners from eight months to 18 years. A+

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