Luna’s personal designer doles out style secrets

Go couture crazy without beaucoup bucks.

With her sales skyrocketing, pop’s favorite feline Luna is in-demand. From morning gabfests to late-night talk shows, she’s got an exhausting schedule, and someone must keep her looking gorgeous. That someone is designer and wrangler Trevor Purrs who shared these tips with us.

  • Go light on product. “Luna has naturally amazing fur. But if you’re looking to spruce up your look a little, remember that a little bit of conditioner goes a long way.”
  • Ditch the bell on your collar. “Nothing screams ‘desperation’ like a little bell tinkling with every step you take. Have some self-respect, and people will notice you for the right reasons.”
  • A glowing coat. To get a soft, glowing coat and healthy skin, try these tips from Meow Mix.
  • Dress for success. “This seems obvious, but if you’re over seven years old, stop dressing like a kitten. Own who you are and just be fabulous.”
  • Grooming is “in” this year. “Don’t be afraid to groom in public – people will respect your dedication to looking flawless. Ever since Luna stopped her show mid-song at Madison Indoor Garden for a quick tongue bath, there’s less of a stigma.”
  • Don’t forget self-care! “A pampered cat is a happy cat. Even when you’re busy, make time to indulge in a favorite – Meow Mix® Tender Center Basted Bites Chicken & Tuna Flavors is Luna’s go-to.”

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