Red carpet style at the Meow ReMix Music Awards

Endless Hiss singer stuns in provocative couture.

In a surprise move, reclusive musician Lord Purrdition walked the red carpet at the Meow ReMix Music Awards. While his band Endless Hiss was nominated for “Best Howling in a Song,” pundits didn’t expect the reclusive frontman to actually show up.

Dressed in all black and sporting a collar made from the discarded hair of former bandmember Meowthadon, many in the audience audibly gasped upon his arrival. It certainly did leave an impression!

(Of note, Endless Hiss did, in fact, win “Best Howling in a Song.” In his brief acceptance speech, Lord Purrdition decried the “poseurs and kittens” in the underground scene before storming off-stage.)

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