Sweet Teddy Pepperpaw

  • Birthday: May 26, 2010
  • Years Active: 2011 - present
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Instruments: Drums, vocals

As a kitten, Theodore Pepperpaw just couldn’t stand still. Constantly getting into the rafters or behind a bookshelf, the young cat eschewed naps for unbridled adventure—and that curiosity certainly worried his parents, who knew where it would lead. They needed an outlet for his boundless energy. And music was the answer.

Theodore gravitated towards the drums, and almost instantly his parents could see a difference. He put all his energy into that kit, practicing for hours while studying the records of jazz legends like “Tiger” Tomcat, “Sugar” Shane Shorthair and other cats with cool nicknames. Fueled by Meow Mix® Hairball Control cat foood, he went from the garage to the stage in just six months, earning his “Sweet Teddy” nickname after one particularly impressive late-night jam session. “That boy’s got beats sweeter than any treat,” remarked “Toots” Spiegelman at the time.


Pepperpaw has never stopped moving forward, forming trios, quartets, quintets and performing solo when the muse takes him. That same driving force also makes him a demanding bandleader, pushing other musicians to discover new musical heights. As “Furball” Addams, longtime saxophonist for Pepperpaw, once said: “You respect Sweet Teddy for his chops. And he respects you for how much you respect his chops.”

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