Sweet Teddy Pepperpaw – “Jammin’ at the Litterboxx”

A visionary jazz drummer leads the genre into new territory

You’ve heard Sweet Teddy Pepperpaw play, even if you’ve never heard his name. From Gatocito to DJ CornChip and beyond, his jazzy beats have been sampled by some of today’s hottest artists to give their grooves and a little bit of…well, “bop.” With the landmark release of Jammin’ at the Litterboxx, Pepperpaw firmly cements his legacy as one of the greats in the genre—and beyond.

At turns fiery and subdued, Litterboxx is always tasteful. It’s the art of a bandleader who demands perfection from his band and, without fail, gets it on every take. Adventurous tracks such as “Rocketship to the Warm Spot Atop the Fridge” push genre expectations, whereas “Bird Outside This Window” is a 13-minute history lesson on jazz itself. Every track allows the trio to stretch out and shine, rooted by the stark stickwork and warm vocals of Sweet Teddy himself.

From his earliest works, Sweet Teddy has been a visionary and a maverick. Always ahead of the curve (and sometimes the critics), he’s a composer, arranger and improviser par excellence. But, after thousands of gigs, Litterboxx shows that he’s also learned restraint, nuance, and how to have a great time playing the music that he loves.

Don’t nap on this rollicking musical journey—embrace your inner jazz cat.

REVIEW FROM BOBBY BELLYRUB: Many felines know the futile feeling of chasing after the red dot, but few know the feeling of actually capturing the prize. Sweet Teddy Pepperpaw has spent his life chasing a dot named “perfection,” pushing himself—and his band members—to be better at every gig, on every song and on every release. Jammin’ at the Litterboxx is a mature meditation on the trials and travails Sweet Teddy experienced behind his kit, suggesting not only that he no longer has to chase the dot but, in fact, he captured it long ago. A+

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