Tabby 5

  • Birthday: Varies
  • Years Active: 1
  • Genre: Pop
  • Instruments: Glorious harmonious voices

If it seems like Tabby 5 burst onto the ReMix scene from out of nowhere, they did. But that’s what a phenomenon does — unannounced, unexpected, they capture your heart and imagination. And so it is with these five performers, who have the voices, the look and the attitude to shake things up and win over fans. And it’s not just kittens who are meowing for more.

Some of pop’s biggest stars have been boy bands, from early pioneers Mousin’ Around to the slick production of NOSEBOOP to Tigerz 4 Treats, who created their own legendary genre known as Mew Snack Swing. Tabby 5 channels the very best of these phenoms into something new yet familiar, featuring five-part harmonies, a stylish wardrobe, dance moves made for social media and cutting-edge production that appeals to young fans without alienating older ones.

De facto leader Tyler Snuggles summed his point of view thusly: “When Tabby 5 is at our best, we’re like a great Meow Mix wet recipe—balanced, nuanced, rich and flavorful. Every part comes together to make something unique.”

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