Savory pop tunes are ready to claw their way back to the top of the charts.

The best thing about pop music is that it lives as an idea, its form and content shifting to meet evolving tastes of fans. But that flexibility is also its greatest strength Tabby 5 brings together the best of vocal groups and boy bands with top-flight songwriting and deeply personal lyrics to create the unique and powerful “Paws Off.”​

Pulling five relatively unknown singers together to make a coherent record is, in and of itself, a task. But creating an album of instant classics is nearly heroic. Lead single “Wet Your Whiskers” tempts listeners with sublime vocal showcases for each Tabby 5 member before the soaring chorus unites their song in paw-waving harmony. Elsewhere on the album the tasteful ballad “I Only Said ‘Meow’” highlights the softer side of the band, an instant slow-dance classic destined for wedding and prom playlists, while the up-tempo and theatrical “Dance, Drip, Drizzle” introduces choreographed moves fans will be performing at live shows for years to come.​

In a world of streaming, music can use more screaming—fans, that is. Tabby 5 will be crashing ticketing systems and selling out arenas soon, so jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late.​

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