Tyler Snuggles

  • Birthday: December 30, 2020
  • Years Active: 1
  • Genre: Pop
  • Instruments: Voice

Growing up in a litter of one, Tyler Snuggles had all the feels, but no way to let them out. Spending hours in his room, he’d pen journal entries and try his paw at poetry. Through it all he listened to the radio and soaked in lyrical lessons: the love of Heart & Paws, the pensive raw emotion of Wake Me Up I’m Napping, the delicate introspection of Felicity Underfoot. Slowly he made the connection between his emotions and music and understood that the right way to express himself was in song. He started a routine: home from school, snack on Meow Mix Tenders in Sauce With Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp, then write and practice songs until he fell asleep. Turns out hard work does pay off, as Tyler was the very first member welcomed into the Tabby 5 fold—and now he’s showing his emotions to fans across the world.

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