There's nothing like a chilly treat on a warm summer day to keep you cool and refreshed. But don't keep the fun just for yourself — make some homemade frozen treats to cool your feline friend during the blazing days of summer. These tasty treats don't require much prep and the reward of seeing your cat enjoy one will make your day. Read on to discover how to make some yummy catsicles for your kitty to enjoy.

Super-easy no-mix catsicles

Try creating super-simple cat pops, an easy option is to use single-serving cups to make frozen cat treats in just a few simple steps. Pop a sealed cup in the freezer for a few hours until frozen. Run it under warm water until the chilled catsicle inside loosens up and you can place it into your kitty's favorite dish. Allow him to lick at it to cool off.

Dry cat food pops

Not all cats are fans of wet food, so if yours happens to love kibble, you can make some pops out of that too. Take your feline friend's favorite dry food — like Meow Mix® Bistro Recipes Rotisserie Chicken Flavor dry cat food — put it in a bowl and moisten the dry cat food with either low-sodium chicken broth or water. Once it sits for a few minutes to absorb the liquid, mash it with a fork to create a slurry like wet cookie dough. Pour the mixture into the bottom inch of a plastic cup or into small paper drinking cups. Freeze the cups until solid. Run warm water over the bottom of the cup to release the pops and serve to your happy feline.

tabby cat eating a frozen meow mix cat treat

Tasty mix-ins

Whether you're making your catsicles from wet or dry food, add in a few tasty treats for your kitty to enjoy while the frozen food melts. Cat treats like Meow Mix® Irresistibles® - Soft With Real Turkey are a delicious reward for your cat to discover in his cat pop when it melts. For a bit more crunch, use Meow Mix® Brushing Bites® Dental Treats Made With Real Chicken. Both of these types of treats can be mixed into wet or moistened dry food and then frozen into the resulting catsicles.

Delicious toppings

Not all felines will immediately scamper over to their pops and might need a bit of coaxing to discover this delicious new treat. Get their attention using some tasty toppers. Dried tuna flakes and cat-friendly herbs like catnip and cat thyme are sure to attract your curious kitty if sprinkled atop her cat pops. Another option is nutritional yeast, which is found in most natural food stores and many felines adore it because of its cheese-like taste.

You can also grind up your kitty's favorite treats, like those used in your mix-ins, and sprinkle them on top of the frozen pops for an extra kick of flavor. Meow Mix® Tender Centers® Basted Bites Chicken and Tuna Flavors dry cat food works well because it's made with real tuna to tempt your cat's taste buds. Or simply place a few delicious soft treats around your catsicle, like Meow Mix® Irresistibles® Soft With Real Salmon.

Photo Credit #1: Courtesy Susan Paretts.