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Cat Health

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woman holding a gray cat Photo UTI or Litter Box Relapse?

Is your kitty is acting strangely around his litter box? Read Dr. Leslie’s veterinarian advise to help sort out if it’s a UTI, litter box relapse, or something else entirely.

tabby cat sitting on top of a cat tree Photo 8 Signs Your Cat is in Tip-Top Health

A simple at-home examination will reveal a feline’s physical and mental state.

gray tabby showing its teeth Photo Expert Q&A: Cleaning Cat’s Teeth

From professional cat teeth cleaning to at-home cleaning, read the answers to some of your biggest questions surrounding your furry friend's grooming routine.

Cat Life

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cat kneading on yellow blanket Photo Why Do Cats Knead?

We’ve all seen cats making biscuits, but what does this behavior mean? Learn more.

closeup of a person holding a gray and white cat Photo How to Be a Cat Sitter

Find out how to be the best cat sitter with these professional cat sitting tips.

gray tabby cat Photo 4 Signs of a Happy Cat

You know your cat is healthy, but is she happy? Read about the four signs to tell if your cat is happy.

Cat Facts

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black cat staring directly at a camera Photo 6 Fun Black Cat Facts

Did you know black cats bring love and luck wherever they go? Or that many have golden eyes? Learn more fun facts about black cats here!

woman cuddling a white fluffy cat Photo Why Do Cats Purr?

Purrs are a window into your cat’s heart and a way they communicate with you.

pixie bob cat breed Photo Cat Breeds: The Pixie Bob

Pixie bobs might look like bobcats, but they’re actually domestic softies.


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cat sitting behind a bowl looking at the camera Photo Fat Cat: The Best Remedy is Prevention

A two-step process to help maintain your cat's weight.

tabby cat curled up on a blanket Photo How to Ensure Your Cat Gets the Right Nutrition

Choosing a pet food can feel daunting. Our expert makes the decision easier.

white and brown cat and small white and red dog eating out of two food bowls Photo What's the Difference Between Cat Food and Dog Food, Really?

Should you be cautious about keeping your dog and cat from eating each other's food? 

Cat Feeding

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Picky Cat Probs? Here′s What to Do for a Finicky Eater Photo Picky Cat Probs? Here′s What to Do for a Finicky Eater

Find out why felines can be finicky eaters — and how you can feed your picky cat to help keep him or her happy AND healthy.

Cat Drinking From Faucet Photo How To Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Cats are pretty picky when it comes to drinking. Help them drink more with these tips.

striped cat eating out of a food bowl Photo Cat Food 101

Being a stellar pet parent means choosing the right food for your furry friend. Here's how.


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Expert Q&A: Cats and Protein

Our animal nutritionist Dr. Donna Waltz explains the best types of protein for your kitty's diet.