Wet Cat Food

Remixing mealtime is easy with Meow Mix® wet cat food. Open a cup to wow your cat with recipes made with real poultry, seafood or beef, in a variety of textures, gravies and sauces. 

Wet food your cat loves (and needs).

Meow Mix® recipes provide all the fuel your feline needs in all the most appetizing ways.  

All Things Cat, All in One Place

Questions about how to care for your cat? Or maybe you′re just curious why cats do what they do. We get it, and we′ve got you covered. Check out our cat blog posts for the tips, tricks and answers you′re craving. 

Fuss-Free Meal Time

Meow Mix® wet foods make it easy to make your cat happy. You don′t even need a can opener.  

Our Happy Customers Say It Best

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