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Meow Mix® cat food is so delicious. It’s the only brand cats ask for by name®. Check out all our wet and dry cat food varieties below.

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Cat Food That Helps Keeps Cats Happy

There′s a reason Meow Mix® cat food is The Only One Cats Ask for by Name®. Actually, there′s a bunch of reasons. 

All Things Cat, All in One Place

Questions about how to care for your cat? Or maybe you′re just curious why cats do what they do. We get it, and we′ve got you covered. Check out our cat blog posts for the tips, tricks and answers you′re craving. 

It’s Time to Let the Cat (Food) Out of the Bag

The secret to a satisfied feline? Look no further — it′s right here.

What Customers Say About Meow Mix® Cat Food

Not to brag, but Meow Mix® tastes and textures tend to earn rave reviews. Here are just a few examples.