Why Do Cats Purr?

Why Do Cats Purr?

Purrs are a window into your cat’s heart and a way they communicate with you.

Cats lack the ability to speak with words, but rest assured, they are communicating with you constantly. They talk with a vocabulary of body language and noises. The purr is one way that your cat speaks to you, just like the position of a cat's tail, her meow, and her eye movements. Her purr just happens to be one of her most common — and meaningful — ways to let you know how she's feeling.

Here are a few of the reasons your cat purrs.

She's Happy and Content

One of the big reasons cats purr is because they're happy. If you hear that familiar low, sweet rumbling from your kitty, it likely means that she's content — all is well in her world. Have you ever given her a cat treat and heard her purr as she ate it? She's purring because she's happy and genuinely thankful for the gift.

He Feels Like You're His Mom or Dad

Cats first start purring as kittens. When they're just a couple of days old, kittens purr to let their moms know they're OK. Tiny kittens' purrs help them bond with their mom. So if you hear your beloved pet purring, it may be because he's building a parent-child bond with you. How sweet!

She Feels Safe from Predators

There's nothing quite like having the unconditional love and trust of a warm, fuzzy feline. When your cat is lying in your lap purring up a storm, it often means she knows she's safe and secure from predators. You won't let anything get to her, and she knows it. In fact, some experts believe purring evolved because it was a difficult sound for predators to hear!

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His Purrs Are Healing

Did you know that purrs can heal? It's true: the low vibrations of a purr can actually promote healing. Domestic cats purr at a frequency that promotes tissue regeneration. This is one of the reasons cats sometimes purr when they're scared or sick. Some people even think the vibration of a purr can be healing to humans too! In fact, some purr-like vibration devices are patented to help astronauts with bone density problems.

It's Time to Play or Sleep

Purrs can also be your cat's way to get your attention. Some scientists call these "soliciting purrs." For example, if she rubs against you and purrs, she may be trying to convince you to play. Or if she jumps into bed with you and starts to knead and purr, she may be trying to get you to stay in bed and take a little cat nap.

What is your cat telling you when she purrs? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to hear even more purrs from your kitty, try giving her treats every night, like Meow Mix Irresistibles® Treats.

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