A number of ways to help end Cat Rut*

Meow Mix has so much delicious variety, we're keeping your cat excited about mealtime.

*Cat rut is not a thing.

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Dry Food

Your feline friend will love these delicious mixes that are fortified with essential nutrients.

Tender Centers

Crunchy Outside. Meaty Inside. The variety of flavors and dual textures makes these mixes 100% delicious, and they give your cat 100% complete nutrition.

Bistro Recipes® Cat Food

Bistro flavor is now on the menu. Bring the restaurant experience home, with culinary-inspired dry recipes.

Wet Food

Delight your cat with a variety of tastes and textures made with tender meat, poultry, or seafood.

Savory Morsels® Cat Food

Turn Dinner Into a Delight. Offer your cats the tastes they crave, like tender seafood or real poultry mixed in savory gravy.

Classic Paté

Now serve up their favorite flavors in smooth paté. Meow Mix Classic Paté. Delicious varieties made with real poultry, seafood or beef.


Get closer to your cat any time with a tasty little treat!

Brushing Bites® Treats

Start a delicious routine. Meow Mix® Brushing Bites® cat treats. Help control plaque and tartar.

All Things Pet, All in One Place

Find tips and tricks and discover even more ways to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle with your cat at our partner site, The Noseprint™.

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